Consumer credit: all purchases

Consumer credit for his purchases


If you do not have the necessary funds for the purchases you want to make (for example a television, a household appliance, a computer …), subscribing to a consumer credit can be an interesting solution.

The principle is simple: a credit institution lends you a sum of money to make your purchase and you repay this sum plus interest by monthly payments over a predefined period. Thus, you quickly benefit from the necessary money and your expenses are spread over several months or years.

Purchases that can be credited

Many types of purchases can be financed by credit. These can be grouped into different categories of products:

  • Appliance credit: for the purchase of a washing machine, washing machine, oven, refrigerator, hotplates or vacuum cleaner, for example;
  • Computer credit: for the purchase of a computer, a tablet, screens …;
  • TV, HiFi, and video credit: for the purchase of a television, a home cinema, acoustic equipment, video games, memory cards, etc. ;
  • The pool credit: for a project to buy or build a pool, for the necessary work.

The different types of credits for a purchase

Depending on your needs and your eligibility, you can opt for different types of credit for your purchases: free credit, personal credit or revolving loan.

Free credit

For this type of loan, interest rates and fees are zero. You only repay the amount borrowed. This credit is offered directly at the point of sale and often corresponds to offers called “pay in 3 installments without charge” . On the other hand, this type of credit is generally only offered for purchases with a low amount.

The personal loan

With the personal credit, the establishment puts at your disposal a sum of money which you can use for your purchases or projects without justification. The loan must be repaid within 5 years;

The revolving credit

With this type of credit, it is possible to unlock the amount of money made available in one or more times. Interest is only applied to the amount actually borrowed but is generally high.

Some major brands that offer revolving loans provide customers with credit cards.

Subscribe a purchase credit

To subscribe a consumer credit for your purchases, you must fill in some basic information about your project: nature of the purchase (computer? Appliance? TV? Hifi? Other?), The amount needed, your personal and professional situation …

Once your credit application has been made, the requested loan institution evaluates your profile, your borrowing capacity and possibly offers you credit for your purchases.

What does the purchase credit agreement include?


As with any consumer credit, a credit offer for your purchases mentions:

  • The total cost of the loan;
  • The Total Effective Rate (APR), formerly the Total Effective Rate (APR), of the loan;
  • The duration of the loan, in months or years;
  • The amount of the monthly payments.

The number of monthly payments must not represent more than 33% of your income. Beyond this limit, you may have difficulty paying your refund.

How to find the best credit for your purchase?


To find the best offer of consumer credit for your purchases, the ideal is to compare credit online. On, you only need a few minutes to fill in your information and access the available offers according to your profile. You just have to compare quotes and select the most advantageous for you, all for free and without commitment!

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