Consolidated Loans Depending on Your Job – What Does My Job Mean?


Sometimes you just want advice and guidance on consolidated loans that are specific to you. We can help you with that. We have written articles where you can get an impression of your consolidated loan possibilities, depending on your job.

There is no doubt that your job may have an impact on the bank and in some places online, but in general it is your income that is the primary driver. Read more about the importance of your job right here.

What does your job mean for your consolidated loan?

There is a great correlation between your work and your ability to borrow an online consumer consolidated loan. More specifically, there is a link between your pay and your options. Many companies have an annual income that exceeds a certain amount. This is especially true if you need to borrow a larger consolidated loan. Some providers simply require you to have a fixed income, while few providers do not have any requirements for your finances.

This means that you can have different options depending on whether you, for example. is a landscaper or carpenter. There are two different professions where earnings can be relatively different. Something you can read more about on the respective pages about borrowing money as a carpenter or gardener .

In our feature ” consolidated loans by your profession” you can find information about positions such as craftsman, physiotherapist, psychologist, engineer and shop assistant etc. And info on more general situations, depending on whether you are an entrepreneur, official or early retirement. The whole thing can have an impact on the providers’ credit rating, which ultimately determines whether you are being approved or rejected.

What if I’m unemployed?

The nearby question for many is what consolidated loan options you have as unemployed. There is no doubt that available Danes have fewer companies to choose from, but it is possible. You just don’t have to look for high amounts of money and it’s about applying for the right places.

We have previously written an article on consolidated loans as unemployed , which gives a good insight into who can help you online.

The salary can depend on several things

It is of course impossible to say exactly how your finances are based on your job. The salary can depend on education, experience, position, agreement, number of hours and much more. But on the basis of an average you can get a good idea of ​​how you are put on the consolidated loan market.

It is important that you always submit an application to see exactly what the provider can offer you. Your interest rate is based on your finances. Based on your information, the provider makes a so-called credit rating, and from this they determine an interest rate for you.

Therefore, you cannot just assume the interest rate example on the provider’s website or in our overviews. It is a good estimate, but your actual interest rate will depend on your needs and your finances.

It is completely free and non-binding to submit an application , so you can search with as many as you want. You get a great advantage by searching multiple providers. In this way, you achieve a number of offers that you can compare with each other.

There is a lot of money to save

You can save a lot of money by not just choosing the first and best provider. There is great variation in interest rates and costs among the various providers. And this is exactly where we can help you. By giving you an overview of your options, it will be easier, more transparent and less time-consuming to compare your offers. So we hope that we can help you find the best and cheapest consumer consolidated loan for just you.

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