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Consolidated loans have rolled the market – now both banks and parabanks boast that they give consolidated loans even up to a quarter of an hour. If you also need instant financial support, a quick consolidated loan to your account is a hit!

After the consolidated loan, we can turn to both the banking institution and also we can go to the parabank headquarters. What’s more, we can also opt for an on-line consolidated loan that we can apply online. In each of these cases, it is usually an account consolidated loan, ie it is paid to the account number indicated by the client.

After receiving the transfer with the consolidated loan, the customer can make a transfer with payment to the store, he can pay bills by bank transfer, he can also withdraw funds at an ATM. Of course, we can also pay by card .

Who is the consolidated loan on account for?

Currently, installment consolidated loans and payday consolidated loans are usually transferred to your account. As of today, virtually all of us have a bank account, because with it we can manage our funds more easily. Also, almost all of us have access to an on-line account – this means that we can simply log in to the bank’s transaction service to view the account balance and use additional services. Banks allow, among others, for transfers, buying insurance online, topping up the phone, creating a deposit or taking a consolidated loan.

A consolidated loan account is the best choice when we need money as soon as possible. When we choose an on-line consolidated loan at your bank, then after the application is approved, the money is on your account in a few minutes. . If the consolidated loan company has an account in the same bank where the customer, then intrabank transfers are posted immediately, so we can have them at home even in a few minutes. If the transfers are interbank, then the waiting time usually extends to 1-2 days.

What instead of an account consolidated loan?

If you do not want to take a consolidated loan to your account, it is worth checking which other form of payment is offered by the selected institution. When we take out a consolidated loan at a bank outlet, we can often receive funds in hand, but only in smaller amounts up to several thousand zlotys. When we want to get a higher consolidated loan, we usually have to wait for the next day until the funds are delivered to the facility.

As we have already mentioned, in the majority of cases, non-bank and bank internet consolidated loans involve the payment of money to your account. Only some consolidated loan companies also provide check services. At Aasa, we offer a consolidated loan with a Giro check, which allows you to withdraw money in the mail window, and more precisely in the Post Bank – immediately after signing the contract. Detailed information about the withdrawal procedure can be found on our website – we can also help you if necessary.

So if you need a convenient and fast consolidated loan, choose one that will be credited directly to your account – thanks to that, you can use your funds instantly and you can use them for any purpose.

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